Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, May 11

May 11, 2021

Credit Monroe County Republican Committee

First hour: Local conservatives discuss the future of the Republican Party

Second hour: Discussing fashion trends post-pandemic

House Republicans are expecting to oust Wyoming representative Liz Cheney from her ranking as number three in GOP leadership. As reported by NPR, the move could cause a major rift in the party over how far it should take its loyalty to former President Donald Trump. Cheney has been critical of Trump and has called out his misinformation about the 2020 election. What could it mean for the future of the party? Last week, we talked with members of the Working Families Party about their desire to move Democrats further left. This hour, we talk with local conservatives about their hopes for the future of the Republican Party. Our guests:

  • Bernie Iacovangelo, acting chair of the Monroe County Republican Committee
  • John Refermat, attorney

Then in our second hour, what do you wear to the reopening of society? It’s a question explored by writer Amanda Mull in a new piece for the Atlantic Monthly entitled “Burn All the Leggings”. She argues for a return to “shopping for cute new dresses” rather than elastic waistbands. She also writes about how previous pandemics have paved the way for fashion trends: how the bubonic plague in the 1300s gave rise to the Italian fashion industry or how the Spanish Flu pandemic led to the fashion choices of the roaring ‘20s. So what can we expect post-COVID-19? How might professional attire be redefined, and who decides what it looks like? Our guests share their perspectives on fashion, dress codes, and more:

  • Elaine Spaull, executive director of the Center for Youth
  • Alyssa Whitfield, founder and CEO of Dress for Success Rochester
  • Danielle Abramson, associate director of major giving at WXXI
  • Breyana Clark, co-founder of Candid Closet LLC
  • Meg Mundy, chief fashion organizer for Fashion Week of Rochester