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Mar 25, 2019

First hour: Special Rebroadcast - Jeremy Richman on preventing violence and building compassion

Second hour: Author Omar El Akkad on his novel, "American War"

In this special rebroadcast, we remember Jeremy Richman, the father of Avielle Richman, one of the students killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Multiple sources have reported that Jeremy Richman was found dead in an apparent suicide on Monday morning. Richman was a guest on Connections in October 2017 discussing the Avielle Foundation and his research on how to use brain science to prevent violence. We re-air that conversation about building compassion.

Then in our second hour, investigative journalist Omar El Akkad has written a remarkable novel, "American War." It's a look that this country in the near future, as it fights a second civil war – one waged over the use of fossil fuels. The book has been selected by Writers & Books for this year's Rochester Reads program. El Akkad joins us in studio for the hour. Our guests:

  • Omar El Akkad, author of “American War”
  • Karen van Meenen, coordinator of the Rochester Reads and Debut Novel Series programs at Writers & Books