Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, March 2

Mar 2, 2021

Credit James Brown / WXXI News

First hour: Rochester as a climate refuge city

Second hour: Discussing how farmers and CSAs have been impacted by the pandemic

Here's something that would surprise many Americans: Rochester is one of the most reliable places to live if you want to avoid extreme weather. No hurricanes. No wildfires. No drought. Fresh water. Yes, snow, but manageable. As parts of the country deal with extreme weather and the effects of climate change, cities like Rochester and Buffalo are poised to become what Buffalo mayor Byron W. Brown called “climate refuges.” This hour, we talk with climate experts about Rochester as a destination for climate migrants. Our guests:

  • Karen Berger, associate professor of instruction, earth and environmental sciences at the University of Rochester
  • Brady Fergusson, director of public engagement for the Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region, and member of Rochester's chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby

Then in our second hour, how has the pandemic affected small farms? According to many local farmers and their customers, the past year has highlighted the importance of sourcing local food. The annual “CSA Day” expanded to “CSA Week.” It wrapped up last week. CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. This hour, we discuss how local farms have adapted to COVID-19 restrictions and challenges, and how CSAs have been impacted by the pandemic. Our guests:

  • Ruth Blackwell, owner of Mud Creek Farm
  • Eric Houppert, owner of Deep Root Farm
  • Zac Holtz, CSA member