Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, June 2

Jun 2, 2020


First hour: Organizers of the local BLM rally discuss their goals for the movement

Second hour: How to move into the summer season during a pandemic

Saturday's peaceful Black Lives Matter rally in Rochester included hundreds of people who gathered to march in solidarity with the BLM movement nationwide. Local organizers are calling for several reforms: a divestment from police, the removal of police from Rochester City Schools, an end to mass incarceration, and more. This hour, we talk to two of the organizers about the events of the weekend and their goals for the movement in the weeks and months ahead. Our guests:

  • Stanley Martin, civil rights organizer
  • Ashley Gantt, civil rights organizer
  • Stevie Vargas, civil rights organizer
  • Iman Abid, civil rights organizer

Then in our second hour, if you had fallen asleep in early February and woke up now, in June, would you know by looking around you that you'd be living in a global pandemic? The warm weather has shown people are eager to be outside. There have been big parties, backyard gatherings, and people congregating in public spaces -- with many people not wearing masks or face coverings. How do we move into the summer season, keep re-opening, and adjust our behavior appropriately? And now should we be having conversations about that? Our guests weigh in:

  • Willie J. Lightfoot, president of the United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologists Association (UPBCA), Inc., and vice president of Rochester City Council
  • Jane Dodds, former medical practice manager¬†
  • Brenden Drew, vice president of business development for Abbott's Frozen Custard