Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, January 7

Jan 7, 2020

Credit berniesanders.com

First hour: Exploring Bernie Sanders' candidacy, platform, and goals 

Second hour: Analyzing the Gervais Golden Globes monologue, and if Hollywood is headed for change

The newest polling from early voting states brings good news for Senator Bernie Sanders. He's hoping for early momentum to carry him to the Democratic nomination. We've discussed the platforms of many other candidates; today we explore the goals of Sanders and his supporters. We also discuss general election viability. In studio:

  • Mary Lupien, Sanders supporter and member of Rochester City Council
  • Karen Vitale, co-chair of the Rochester Area Democratic Socialists
  • Donald Martell, Sanders delegate

Then in our second hour, actor Ricky Gervais’ monologue during Sunday’s Golden Globes has led to buzz and backlash. While hosting the awards show, Gervais delivered a series of jokes, which viewers and media outlets have described as ranging from provocative to mean to speaking truth to power. He sparked controversy with comments about the #metoo movement in Hollywood, about actors making political statements during acceptance speeches, about what it means to be “woke” in the industry, and more. Those comments have led to broader discussions about Hollywood as a whole, and if it’s time for the industry to take a look in the mirror when it comes to its practices. Our guests discuss that question and if Hollywood is – or should be – headed toward a more progressive era. In studio:

  • Jack Garner, longtime Gannett film critic
  • Adam Lubitow, film critic for CITY Newspaper
  • Linda Moroney, filmmaker, and director and programmer for the One Take Film Festival
  • Jackie McGriff, film fan, and owner of Jackie Photography