Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, January 28

Jan 28, 2020

First hour: An update on Puerto Rico and how Rochestarians are providing support 

Second hour: Discussing the impact of Wegmans' ban on most single-use plastic bags

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico on Saturday. It's the latest in a series of earthquakes and aftershocks that have shaken the island over the past several weeks. Puerto Ricans in Rochester are coming together to offer relief and support. Our guests discuss their efforts and the broader response from the mainland. In studio:

  • Glory Harris, director of stability, education, and employment services at Ibero American Action League
  • Miguel MelĂ©ndez, chief community engagement officer for Ibero American Action League
  • Jeremias Maneiro, volunteer with Ibero American Action League, and founding member of Puertorriquenos en La Distancia
  • RoseMary Villarubbia-Izzo, Rochestarian who lives part-time in Puerto Rico

Then in our second hour, at midnight on Monday, Wegmans enacted its ban on most single-use plastic bags. That means customers can now use reusable bags or pay five cents for each paper bag. Community members are reacting to the change, with some complaining about what they call an inconvenience and added expense, while others are lauding the company for going more green. The move comes in advance of a state ban on plastic bags that begins March 1. This hour, we discuss the impact of the change on customers and the environment, if and how other entities will follow suit, and how to have effective conversations about sustainability and recycling. Our guests:

  • Kimie Romeo, climate change activist
  • Harshita Sood, assistant director for campus sustainability at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • James Gilbert, meteorologist and reporter for WROC-TV
  • Assemblymember Jamie Romeo, District 136