Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, February 25

Feb 25, 2020

Credit Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Dennis Cantrell/ Creative Commons License / U.S. Navy

First hour: Democrats discuss the delegate system and the best way to choose a candidate

Second hour: Previewing the third annual Anthony Mascioli Rainbow Dialogues

The Democratic candidates for president are split on what to do if none of them win enough delegates to clinch the nomination. By party rules, the nominee must secure at least 50 percent of delegates; absent that, campaigns are discussing how to trade support and leverage delegates at a convention. Is that the best way to choose a candidate? Supporters of Bernie Sanders argue that it would destroy the party, particularly if Sanders has a plurality, but not a majority. Our guests debate it. In studio:

  • Marvin Stepherson, delegate for Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • Robin Wilt, delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders
  • Nicholas Wilt, delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders

Then in our second hour, how does LGBTQ history relate to social justice issues for the community today? Speakers at the third annual Anthony Mascioli Rainbow Dialogues will discuss that question this Saturday during a series of community conversations. This year’s event will focus on intersectionality in LGBTQ activism, transgender rights issues, and responses to the AIDS crisis. Our guests preview the event. In studio:

  • Evelyn Bailey, chair of the Rainbow Dialogues, and executive producer of the “Shoulders to Stand On” documentary
  • Milo Obourn, associate professor and chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at SUNY Brockport
  • Tamara Leigh, director of operations and public relations for the Out Alliance