Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, February 16th

Feb 16, 2016

First hour: New Rochester Rhinos' owners David and Wendy Dworkin

Second hour: Grassroots efforts to fight poverty

The Rochester Rhinos have new owners who are determined to restore the franchise to its past glory. That means success on the field, but also more fans in the stadium. We'll ask about plans to improve the stadium; whether the stadium's location was a mistake, and if so, whether that mistake can be overcome; and how to create a long-term success. In studio:

  • David and Wendy Dworkin

In our second hour: Fighting poverty is not only about splashy government initiatives. This hour, we'll see the true definition of "grass roots." These are people who have chosen to address problems in their own unique ways. Our guests:

  • Sabra Wood, founder of Sample Soap
  • Dan Lill, director of R Community Bikes
  • Christina and Travis Foster, co-founders of Roc City Bottoms
  • Deon Rodgers, founder/president of River Flow Soccer Club and dean of students at East Big Picture