Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, February 11

Feb 11, 2020

First hour: What's next for the proposed Equal Rights Amendment?

Second hour: Discussing how to positively motivate children to pursue their interests

How much do you know about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)? The proposed amendment would guarantee equal legal rights for Americans regardless of sex. It was first proposed in 1923, and was reintroduced in the early 1970s. It’s back in the news because after nearly a century of debate, the amendment has now been passed in 38 states, qualifying it for ratification. But there’s a catch: the deadline was 1982. So what happens next? This hour, our guests help us understand what the ERA is, its history, and what’s next in terms of the law. Our guests:

  • Beth Cordello, chair of the labor and employment practice group at Pullano & Farrow
  • Amy Stephens, co-host of the Transformation Thursday podcast
  • Kate Kelly, human rights attorney with Equality Now

Then in our second hour, a book authored by Eastman School of Music graduate Lauren Haley provides tips for how to develop motivation and talent in children through music. “Kids Aren’t Lazy” provides strategies for fostering self-direction, critical thinking, and creativity in children who are learning musical instruments. Haley is in Rochester to give a talk at the University of Rochester, but first, she joins us on Connections to discuss her research. We’re also joined by a professional trumpeter and a child psychiatrist who discuss how to positively motivate kids to pursue and practice any hobby or interest they have, while also balancing other life priorities. In studio:

  • Lauren Haley, violinist and author of “Kids Aren’t Lazy”
  • Herb Smith, trumpeter with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Dr. Kathleen Baynes, M.D., child and adolescent psychiatrist, and director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center