Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, August 9th

Aug 8, 2016

Credit NPR

First hour: What is Glass Steagall?

Second hour: Walkable... suburbs?

Glass Steagall has become a hot button election issue. What is it? We explore the history of the legislation that changed banking rules. How does it impact us? What are the campaigns saying? Our guests:

  • Amit Batabyal, professor of economics at RIT
  • Joe Boyd, vice president and financial advisor for Brighton Securities

Then, we respond to our listeners who have said, "Every time you talk about walkability, you only talk about Rochester!" So we're turning our attention to the new walkable suburbs. A number of local towns have transportation plans that include more of an emphasis on walkable cores and multi-modal transportation. Who's doing what? Where can suburbanites go if they want more walkability? Our guests:

  • Mike Barker, Perinton Town Supervisor
  • Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor
  • David Dunning, Chili Town Supervisor
  • Renee Stetzer, Reconnect Rochester