Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, August 3

Aug 2, 2021

Credit file photo/CITY

First hour: State Senators Samra Brouk and Zellnor Myrie on voting reform; Remembering Jeremy Tjhung

Second hour: Special rebroadcast - The push for the four-day work week

State Senator Samra Brouk is co-hosting a public hearing on elections administration and voting rights. She and fellow senators want to hear from the public about how the state election process can be improved. We talk with Senator Brouk and Senator Zellnor Myrie about voting reform, including legislation that has already been passed this year. Our guests:

  • Samra Brouk (D, WF), New York State Senator for the 55th District, and member of the State Senate’s Committee on Elections
  • Zellnor Myrie (D), New York State Senator for the 20th District, and chair of the State Senate’s Committee on Elections

Then in our second half hour, we remember Jeremy Tjhung, a local activist, volunteer, creator, and friend of Connections. Tjhung died last week after battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We first met him in 2018 when he joined us to talk about his activism, which was set in motion after the 2016 shooting at Pluse nightclub. In this special rebroadcast, we remember Jeremy Tjhung’s life, legacy, and spirit.

Then in our second hour, a special rebroadcast of a conversation about the four-day work week. Several countries, including Iceland, Spain, and New Zealand, are testing out four-day workweeks. Icelandic officials report that the trials in their country were an "overwhelming success" and led to improvements in workplaces. What did they learn? What are the drawbacks? Could we see more American companies experiment with the concept? Our guests share their perspectives:

  • Louie Maier, president of Brandmint
  • Bethany Patton, creative director of Brandmint
  • Andrew Brady, co-founder of the Rochester chapter of Conscious Capitalism
  • Amorette Miller, co-owner of ShiftDiff.com