Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, August 11

Aug 11, 2020

Credit dhs.gov

First hour: Examining immigration and tourism issues caused by closing U.S. land borders

Second hour: Discussing reopening with the superintendents of the Brighton and Hilton Central School Districts

On Monday, the New York Times reported on a new immigration rule proposed by the Trump administration: the President is considering allowing border officials to temporarily block American citizens or permanent legal residents from returning to the country if there's reason to believe they have been exposed to or have contracted the coronavirus. Meanwhile, land borders between the U.S. and Mexico and the U.S. and Canada remain closed to nonessential travel. While the administration says the move was made to curb the spread of COVID-19, immigration advocates say the closure of the border with Mexico seemed designed to curb migration to the U.S. This hour, we examine these issues from a legal perspective and also in regard to travel, tourism, and the economy. Our guests:

  • Danielle Rizzo, immigration law attorney with Harris Beach
  • John Percy, president and CEO of Destination Niagara USA
  • Corey Fram, director of tourism for the Thousand Islands International Tourism Council
  • Josiah Brown, president and CEO of New York Welcomes You, and creator of the "New York's Best Experiences" Travel Guide

Then in our second hour, we continue our series of conversations with local superintendents about their districts' reopening plans. We're joined by the superintendents of the Brighton and Hilton Central School Districts, who discuss their learning models and policies related to testing, masking, and more for the fall. Our guests:

  • Kevin McGowan, superintendent of Brighton Central School District
  • Casey Kosiorek, superintendent of Hilton Central School District