Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, April 7

Apr 7, 2020

First hour: Discussing the film "Tommy Boy" and what it said about the manufacturing industry

Second hour: What is the ethical thing to do with your stimulus check?

This week marks 25 years since the film “Tommy Boy” was released. The movie tells the story of a son’s (Chris Farley) efforts to save his father’s auto parts manufacturing plant and the jobs of its workers. While a comedy, people in the manufacturing industry say the 1995 movie was prescient and reflects what’s happening in their field today. We explore the issues with our guests:

  • Ana Liss, acting director of the Monroe County Department of Planning and Development
  • Matthew Sydor, program manager for Sydor Optics
  • Adam Lubitow, film critic for CITY Newspaper

Then in our second hour, a recent column by CITY Newspaper editor David Andreatta has led to discussions throughout the community about the ethics of using the stimulus checks many people are set to receive from the government. Andreatta writes, “For the millions of workers who have lost their jobs, that extra money will hopefully be put to good use paying rent, mortgages, utility bills, and day-to-day living expenses. But what of the millions of taxpayers like my wife and me who still have our jobs and for whom this aid is found money? How should we use our share? What is the right thing to do? What is the ethical thing to do?” He joins us to discuss those questions. We’re also joined by local philosophy professors. Our guests:

  • David Andreatta, editor of CITY Newspaper
  • Randy Curren, professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Rochester
  • Rosa Terlazzo, associate professor of philosophy at the University of Rochester