Coming Up On Connections: Thursday, October 20th

Oct 20, 2016

Credit WROC-TV

First hour: GOP Congressional candidate Mark Assini

Second hour: Will a third party break through?

Congressional candidate Mark Assini joins us in studio. The Gates town supervisor is the Republican challenging longtime incumbent Louise Slaughter. We have yet to be able to confirm a date with Rep. Slaughter. With Assini, we'll talk about upstate jobs, health care, and the issues impacting the Rochester region.

In our second hour: With the historically high negative ratings for both major party candidates for president, 2016 seemed like the ideal year for a third party breakthrough. Instead, it's been largely a struggle for the Green and Libertarian parties. Is that because Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are poor candidates, or has the system protected the two major parties against all outsiders? Our guest has written extensively about third parties, in fiction and reality. We'll discuss the future of American third parties with:

  • Steven Nemerovski, author of the Third Party series and adjunct professor with the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University
  • Alex White, Green Party
  • Kevin Wilson, Libertarian Party