Coming up on Connections: Thursday, October 10

Oct 10, 2019

Credit www.thinkprogress.org

First hour: Local Libertarians discuss gun policy

Second hour: Discussing the controversy surrounding the film, "Joker"

A group of Libertarian-leaning gun owners are calling for a different approach to gun policy, following calls from some Democrats to ban and confiscate AR-15s and similar weapons. We discuss what kinds of proposals are viable, and why some Libertarians view confiscation as equal to violence. In studio:

  • Sean Phelan, Monroe County representative to the Free Libertarian Party of New York, and co-host of Rochester’s Liberty Talk Hour on Rochester Free Radio
  • Andrew Hollister, small business owner and outdoors enthusiast

The new film “Joker” depicts a man suffering from mental illness who turns to violence. Mental health advocates have been split by two themes in the movie: the connection of mental illness to violence, and the need for funding and support services for those who have mental illness. We discuss the concerns that critics have, and we also talk about what the CITY Newspaper critic thinks about the movie as a whole. In studio:

  • Adam Lubitow, film critic for CITY Newspaper
  • Melanie Funchess, director of community engagement for the Mental Health Association of Rochester
  • Kristina Mossgraber, events coordinator and walk manager for NAMI Rochester