Coming up on Connections: Thursday, November 8

Nov 8, 2018

Credit Brown University

First hour: Discussing the research behind antidepressants with psychiatrist and author Peter Kramer

Second hour: Analyzing Tuesday's election results with local Democrats

Psychiatrist Peter Kramer is known for his writing on the social and ethical implications of anti-depressants. His bestseller, “Listening to Prozac,” explored what he called the “remaking of the self,” and how to approach that from medical and humanistic perspectives. Kramer is currently a clinical professor emeritus of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University. He’s in town as a guest of the University of Rochester, but first, he joins us on Connections to discuss his work.

Then in our second hour, we sit down with local Democratic activists, elected officials, and challengers to discuss the results of Tuesday’s election. Democrats didn’t see the massive blue wave they had hoped for across the nation, but they did take control of the House for the first time since 2010, and gains were made on local levels. How significant were those national and local gains for the party, and what does it mean for its future? Our guests discuss those questions and more.

  • Nate McMurray, challenger in the 27th Congressional District
  • Joe Morelle, Congressman-elect in the 25th District
  • Jen Lunsford, challenger in the 55th State Senate District

*We will sit down with local Repulicans in a separate hour to discuss their reactions to the election results.