Coming Up On Connections: Thursday, November 17th

Nov 17, 2016

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First hour: Dog-whistle politics and racism

Second hour: Toxic stress in schools

Dog-whistles are code words in politics: sometimes, you hear a phrase and it is supposed to sound unoffensive or straightforward, but does it really mean something else? There's a list of phrases, and you may agree or disagree that they are racial dog-whistles. The executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition will be in Rochester Thursday night to give a presentation on this subject. We'll talk to him about what the code words are, how they may demean someone of a different race or culture, and what we can to decode dog-whistles. Our guests:

  • Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition
  • Charles Khan, organizer and community advocate with the Strong Economy for All Coalition
  • Rev. Marilyn Cunningham, Graves Memorial CME Church
  • Jon Greenbaum, organizer for Roc/ACTS 

Then in our second hour, Democrat and Chronicle reporter Justin Murphy joins us in studio to discuss his upcoming series of reports about toxic stress in schools. This stress isn't related to any one specific thing - - it can include anxiety over homework and testing, or stress as a result of trauma, family breakups, or racism. Experts say this kind of stress has elevated in the last five to ten years. We'll discuss how to diagnose and treat toxic stress with our guests:

  • Justin Murphy, education reporter for the Democrat and Chronicle
  • Anne-Marie Conn, senior instructor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center