Coming up on Connections: Thursday, May 30

May 30, 2019

First hour: Previewing coverage of the 2019 election season; Rochester City Council candidate Norman Simmons

Second hour: 2019 Rochester Cocktail Revival

The primary election is fast approaching, and WXXI and City Newspaper are teaming up to offer complete coverage of this year’s election season. Instead of horse race politics, the focus will be on the issues. What topics matter most to voters? Which issues are the primary focus of candidates? And what questions are voters and candidates asking? We’ll preview the coverage with WXXI and City reporters. Then in our second half hour, we begin our series of interview with candidates for office. We sit down with Norman Simmons, candidate for Rochester City Council’s Northeast District. He’s running against current Council member Michael Patterson. Our guests:

  • James Brown, reporter for WXXI News
  • Tim Macaluso, news staff writer for City Newspaper
  • Norman Simmons, candidate for Rochester City Council

Then in our second hour, the Rochester Cocktail Revival is back. This year’s event includes seminars about drinks journalism and on how hospitality professionals create narratives and stories about beverage culture. We’ll preview those events, and our guests discuss what’s new, trending, and hot in the local and national cocktail scene. Our guests:

  • Donny Clutterbuck, Cure Bar/Pour Cost
  • Chuck Cerankosky, founder of the Rochester Cocktail Revival, co-owner of Good Luck and Cure, and food and beverage director for Radio Social and Bar Bantam
  • Ashtin Berry, hospitality activist and co-founder of Radical Exchange
  • Paul Clarke, executive editor of Imbibe Magazine