Coming up on Connections: Thursday, May 14

May 14, 2020

Credit Parenthood and Kids

First hour: The stories of local women who became single moms by choice

Second hour: What has the pandemic taught us about remote learning?

Many parents across the country have had to make major adjustments to their home and work lives in order to balance child care and their careers during the pandemic. Some single parents in particular say they’ve struggled. The New York Times recently profiled four women who decided to become single mothers on their own. The women describe why they chose their paths, the joys of motherhood, and the unexpected challenges they’ve come to face -- especially during the pandemic. One of those women is a Rochester resident who adopted eight children from the foster care system and has care for 20 more. She joins us to share her story, along with another local single mom by choice. Our guests:

  • Trelawney McCoy, single mom by choice, and project counselor at the University of Rochester
  • Andrea Holland, single mom by choice, and public speaking coach

Then in our second hour, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently said that the pandemic should change the way we approach schools. He said that with technology, and our new experience with remote learning, some things should not go back to the way they were before. The governor is not suggesting that all learning happen remotely; he wants to take the good aspects of remote learning and apply them going forward. But many parents and teachers are apprehensive about that; they are struggling to find much good to take from this experience. We discuss what the pandemic has taught us about remote learning, engaging with students, the use of technology, and more. Our guests:

  • John Baynes, English teacher at Our Lady of Mercy, and Monroe County Legislator
  • Fiona Connolly, 12th grade student at Our Lady of Mercy
  • Beth Larter, school librarian at Walt Disney Elementary School in Gates Chili
  • Susan Kavanagh, parent