Coming up on Connections: Thursday, March 14

Mar 14, 2019

First hour: Discussing New York's "red flag" gun law

Second hour: The value of letting children fail

Governor Cuomo recently signed New York State’s “red flag” gun law. It’s a measure that allows a judge to determine if a citizen presents a danger to themselves or others, and if so, to have their guns confiscated. Supporters cheered the move; some local sheriffs say it’s poorly thought out, and difficult to enforce. Additionally, after Parkland, states are considering changes to the law that determines who can and can not have a firearm on school grounds. Some schools have debated arming resource officers or hiring private security. Our guests will discuss the choices schools can make. In studio:

  • Cha Ron Sattler-LeBlanc, local chapter leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense
  • Paul Ciminelli, partner with Ciminelli & Ciminelli, and host of Valor Radio
  • Laura Purcell, member with Harris Beach attorneys

When celebrity parents Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin were arrested this week, it set off a national conversation about what parents will do to help their children. According to law enforcement, Huffman and Laughlin paid bribes to agencies that would create false profiles in order to help their children get into elite colleges. Our guests will discuss the value of letting children fail, and the advantages that wealthy families have. In studio:

  • Mary Chao, reporter with the Democrat & Chronicle
  • Emily Rittenberg, coach and owner of Nuture Now, LLC, and mother of two