Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 9

Jul 9, 2020

First hour: Discussing sensitivity and over sensitivity when it comes to entertainment

Second hour: The struggles faced by working mothers during the pandemic

Hulu has removed an episode of "The Golden Girls" from its platform over concerns about blackface. In the episode, "Mixed Blessings" from 1988, Dorothy's son announces his engagement to an older African American woman. In a scene where the two families meet, roommates Blanche and Rose enter the room wearing mud masks, prompting Rose to say, "This is mud on our faces. We're not really black." Critics of Hulu's decision called it an over correction. This hour, we discuss sensitivity and over sensitivity when it comes to entertainment. Our guests:

  • Vanessa Cheeks, organizer of the Anomaly Film Festival
  • Norma Holland,¬†director of community development at Digital Hyve
  • Dan Howell, personal trainer
  • Chris Fanning,¬†director of communications for Writers & Books

Then in our second hour, the Washington Post is highlighting the struggles of mothers during the pandemic. United Nations data shows not only a disparity in household duties, but also in income and opportunity for women in the workplace. The Washington Post's Monica Hesse argues that the pandemic is threatening to undo even modest gains that women have made. We talk to four working mothers about their experiences: 

  • April Franklin
  • Amanda Tucker
  • Linda Hasman
  • Kathleen Schreier Rudgers