Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 30

Jul 30, 2020

First hour: Discussing mask etiquette

Second hour: Dating and relationships during the pandemic

Two weeks ago, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp sued the city of Atlanta to prevent it from enforcing a mask-wearing requirement. This comes as an increasing number of cities and states are mandating people wear face coverings in public. Stores and businesses across the country have such requirements, but how many are effectively enforcing those policies? When should masks be required indoors and outdoors? Who is eligible for an exemption? Our guests this hour discuss mask etiquette: 

  • Dr. Marielena Velez de Brown, M.D., Monroe County Deputy Commissioner of Public Health
  • Dr. Mical Raz, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and professor of history and health policy at the University of Rochester
  • Molly Hartley, co-owner of Scratch Bakeshop

Then in our second hour, author Alyssa Shelasky recently wrote for the New York Times about the drying up of her libido during the pandemic. No one, she writes, is having "COVID sex." And while her piece carried a humorous edge, sex therapists say there are serious questions about sex and dating during the pandemic. What's the right approach? What's safe? Our guests offer a new roadmap to sex and dating for the foreseeable future. Our guests: 

  • Dr. Pebble Kranz, M.D., sexual medicine specialist at the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness 
  • Dan Rosen, psychotherapist and certified sex therapist at the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness 
  • Stephanie Dobbin, relational and group psychotherapist
  • Summer Kogut, Rochester resident