Coming up on Connections: Thursday, January 10

Jan 10, 2019

Credit www.facebook.com/PittsFORWARD

First hour: An update from PittsForward and the Pittsford Town Board 

Second hour: Discussing "Bird Box," and how mental illness is depicted in the media

There’s a lot of discussion about how to make Rochester more inclusive. But what about the suburbs? PittsForward is an organization that was formed for that purpose. It helped propel Kevin Beckford to a town board seat. We sit down to discuss the progress that the organization has made; the response of government; and the work ahead. Our guests:

  • Kevin Beckford, member of the Pittsford Town Board
  • Kendra Evans, founding member of PittsForward 

Then in our second hour, the new film “Bird Box” has generated a lot of buzz. Some of that buzz comes from advocates for mental health awareness, who say the film perpetuates stigma of mental illness. This hour, we discuss how mental health challenges are depicted in the media and the effects those depictions have on viewers. We’ll also discuss when and where trigger warnings should be used. In studio:

  • Kristina Mossgraber, events coordinator and walk manager for NAMI Rochester
  • Sara Passamonte, program director at Compeer Rochester
  • Adam Lubitow, film critic for City Newspaper