Coming up on Connections: Thursday, December 6

Dec 6, 2018

First hour: Does "leaning in" work?

Second hour: Can empathy be taught?

Remember when Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg told women to “lean in?” This week, Michelle Obama said that stuff doesn’t always work, and she got a big round of applause when she said it. We talk to a panel of women about the concept of “leaning in.” In studio:

  • Patricia Cruz-Irving, director of communications for Senator Rich Funke
  • Rebecca Leclair, former broadcast journalist now running her own communications consulting business
  • Jen Lunsford, attorney with Segar & Sciortino and former candidate for the 55th Senate District

Then in our second hour, can empathy be taught? Helen Riess, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard, said it can and she details how and why in her book, “The Empathy Effect.” While Riess’ book is new, the concept of teaching empathy – even at the elementary school level – is not. This hour, we sit down with local education and nonprofit leaders to discuss how they are incorporating lessons of emotional intelligence in their work with students, and how empathy can play a role in modern day civic discourse. In studio:

  • Sybil Prince, director of the Commons curriculum at the Harley School
  • Shira May, executive director of Partners in Restorative Initiatives
  • Elizabeth Devaney, director of the Social and Emotional Learning Center at the Children’s Institute