Coming up on Connections: Thursday, April 9

Apr 9, 2020

First hour: Rochester City School Board Commissioners discuss the state of the district's budget

Second hour: Discussing the ethics of takeout and delivery services during the pandemic

There's a heated debate happening regarding what to cut, and what to keep, in Rochester city schools. We recently spoke to Superintendent Terry Dade; this hour we hear from board members about teacher cuts, emotional support cuts, building usage, and more. Our guests:

  • Van White, president of the Rochester City School Board
  • Beatriz LeBron, commissioner for the Rochester City School Board
  • Willa Powell, commissioner for the Rochester City School Board
  • Eamonn Scanlon, education and policy analyst for the Children's Agenda

Since social distancing orders went into effect, many people throughout the country have turned to take-out dining and grocery delivery services to support restaurants and access the food and supplies they need. For certain groups, these services are necessary to protect their health and safety during the pandemic. Others who are less at risk have asked if their use of services like Instacart unfairly places all the risk on a small group of workers who need the income. They say they want to support people and businesses, but wonder what the moral choice is. Our guests discuss the issue:

  • Andrew Brady, co-founder of the Rochester chapter of Conscious Capitalism
  • Sarah Polito, Instacart worker
  • Rory Van Grol, founder of Ugly Duck Coffee