Coming up on Connections: Thursday, April 25

Apr 25, 2019

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First hour: Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley

Second hour: The politics of "The Avengers"

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley is running for reelection. Earlier this month, we sat down with the Democratic challenger. Today, we discuss the issues and record with the incumbent. We'll talk about prominent cases; prosecutorial philosophy; drugs laws; and more. 

Then in our second hour, at long last, Marvel will cap off nearly a decade in movie-making with the release of "Endgame." It's the story of how the remaining superheroes respond to the loss of half of all life in the universe. Big baddie Thanos pulled off the mass genocide at the end of the last film. Our super-fan panel will discuss the politics of Thanos and "The Avengers," and they'll explain why the series has been so compelling. In studio:

  • Jackie McGriff, owner of Jackie Photography
  • Adam Frank, professor of astrophysics at the University of Rochester
  • Adam Lubitow, film critic for City Newspaper
  • Kristen Edmond, podcast contributor and producer