Coming up on Connections: Thursday, April 11

Apr 11, 2019

First hour: Discussing Universal Basic Income

Second hour: Previewing NTID's production of "Fences"

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is making noise with a call for a UBI, a Universal Basic Income. He’s proposing $1,000 per month, for life, once a person turns 18 years old. Yang says the age of automation is going to threaten many more jobs than is currently understood. Our panel debates whether a UBI can be a viable way to transition the human era into the age of automation. In studio:

  • Pete Nabozny, policy director at The Children’s Agenda
  • Patrick Coyle, graduate assistant at SUNY Brockport
  • Tim Beideck, screenwriter and director who has researched UBI
  • Pastor Matthew Martin Nickoloff, pastor of the South Wedge Mission

Then in our second hour, we preview a historic production of the August Wilson play, “Fences,” in Rochester. Members of the cast and crew of NTID’s production join us to discuss the first ever Deaf, black performance of “Fences,” which will be accessible to both Deaf and hearing audiences. WXXI News will stream this conversation on Facebook Live with captions. To view the video, visit: www.facebook.com/wxxinews. In studio:

  • Aceyon Owens, speaker for the role of Troy
  • Marqwan Holmes, signer for the role of Troy
  • Malik Paris, signer for the role of Lyons
  • Giigii Gano, speaker for the role of Rose
  • Luane Haggerty, director of “Fences” and interpreter
  • Danica Zielinski, interpreter

This story is reported from WXXI’s Inclusion Desk