Coming up on Connections: Monday, September 23

Sep 23, 2019

Credit freeimages.com/Philippe Ramakers

First hour: Debating New York's new tenant protection laws

Second hour: How to help kids survive and thrive in their digital world

New York State’s new tenant protection laws affect evictions, security deposits, and a lot more. Advocates say the law, which went into effect this summer, will protect vulnerable tenants. But a growing group of landlords say the law has an unintended consequence: it’s making it harder for people in poverty to find any housing at all. Our guests debate the impact of the new laws: In studio:

  • Blake Gianniny, principal at FGB Property
  • Max Gianniny, principal at FGB Property
  • Ryan Acuff, member of the City Wide Tenant Union of Rochester
  • Elizabeth McGriff, organizing coordinator for the City Wide Tenant Union of Rochester

Then in our second hour, we talk about screen time and raising kids in the digital age. How much screen time is too much? How can we create and model good habits for kids? Devorah Heitner is the author of "Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World." She’s in town as a guest of the Harley School, but first, she joins us on Connections to talk about tech-positive parenting.