Coming up on Connections: Monday, September 20

Sep 20, 2021

First hour: Why are businesses struggling to fill their workforces?

Second hour: The "flOUR CITY Interactive ROCgarden”

Restaurants and a number of retail establishments continue to be short staffed. Many managers had predicted that workers would return to their old jobs in September, following the winding down of federal benefits. In some places, that has been true, but plenty of other businesses are struggling to fill out their workforces. Our guests will discuss why:

  • Amorette Miller, co-owner of ShiftDiff, a local job search engine in Rochester
  • Kristina Dinino, owner of the Mad Hatter Restaurant and Bakery
  • Dan Maloney, president of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO
  • Patricia Simmonds, CEO and founder of Island Wraps

Then in our second hour, the "flOUR CITY Interactive ROCgarden” introduces audience members to local historical figures -- people who you may not have learned about in the history books. This hour, we talk with the performance's creators and the actors about Anna Murray Douglass, Leah Fox Fish, and "Rattlesnake Pete", and their impact on Rochester's history. Our guests:

  • Kate Sweeney, co-creator of the "flOUR CITY Interactive ROCgarden," and theatre coordinator at MCC
  • Heather Chang, co-creator of the "flOUR CITY Interactive ROCgarden," and theatre professor at MCC
  • Anisha Stallworth, actor who plays Anna Murray Douglass, and theatre performance major at MCC 
  • Marianna Tonas, actor who plays Leah Fox Fish, and theatre performance major at MCC 
  • Tom Abrams, actor who plays "Rattlesnake Pete", and theatre performance major at MCC