Coming up on Connections: Monday, October 6th

Oct 5, 2014

Credit NPR

First hour: Checking in with the biggest star of the research world, the naked mole rat

Second hour: Alternatives to Halloween's candy binging

In our first hour, it's our monthly Science Roundtable. We check in with the research world's biggest star, the naked mole rat. What are we learning about the science of aging, and curing disease? In studio from URMC:

In our second hour, for parents who love their kids but hate Halloween, what are the alternatives? Not to be all buzzkill, but Halloween pushes children to worship at the altar of Big Candy. For parents trying to celebrate real food and healthy eating, Halloween is an obstacle. Fortunately, there are options, and we'll explore them with:

Christina Le Beau, former D&C reporter, now the author of the Spoonfed blog about kids and healthy eating
Heather Fiore, registered dietician for URMC
Deb Ross, creator of KidsOutandAbout.com
George Walker of Holiday Hollow in Pembroke