Coming Up On Connections: Monday, November 28th

Nov 28, 2016

Credit berniesanders.com

First hour: The future of the Democratic Party

Second hour: How are jewels and metals sourced?

Senator Bernie Sanders says that Democrats must listen to what voters want, and Sanders says the answer is not "Republican light." He wants a strong set of populist policies going forward. Our panel of voters who supported Sanders in the primary will explain some of the concerns they have with the Democratic Party, and how it might respond to the recent election losses. Our guests:

  • Joe Guest, Sanders supporter who voted for Jill Stein
  • Jason Peck, visiting assistant professor at the University of Rochester
  • Kevin Sweeney, former Sanders delegate

Then in our second hour, both CNBC and the Daily Beast report that millennials are buying fewer diamonds, for reasons of cost and ethical concerns. Other sources dispute this alleged trend. Regardless, if you've ever wondered where jewelry comes from, this is a chance to find out. We'll talk about ways you can be sure you understand -- and are comfortable with -- the conditions in which jewels and metals are sourced. Our guests:

  • Maressa Merwarth, designer and metalsmith and founder of Mari Tome Jewelry Design
  • Robert Mann, president of Mann's Jewelers