Coming Up On Connections: Monday, November 14th

Nov 14, 2016

Credit NPR

First hour: Trump, Russia, and the foreign policy of the next president

Second hour: Rochester reviews its nuisance abatement system

Our ongoing coverage of President-elect Trump focuses on his foreign policy, starting with his relationship with Russia. Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says that yes, the Russian government was in contact with the Trump campaign throughout the election process. Trump has denied this. Should it be investigated? What does it portend for a Trump/Putin relationship? And beyond Russia, what can we expect in the early days of a Trump administration? Our guest:

  • Randall Stone, director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester

Then, the City of Rochester is taking a look at its Nuisance Abatement point system. What does that mean? We'll explain with our guest, former mayor Bill Johnson, whose company is conducting the review. Nuisance Abatement has been controversial in New York City, where critics say it's abused. The law was designed there to shut down drug operations and other criminal enterprises, but reporting by ProPublica showed that residents were getting kicked out of their homes without a chance to defend themselves in court. Former Mayor Johnson will also spend some time discussing his thoughts on last week's election.