Coming up on Connections: Monday, March 8

Mar 8, 2021

First hour: How has the pandemic affected the book publishing industry? 

Second hour: Discussing nursing home reform in the wake of the reported Cuomo cover-up

How has the pandemic affected the book publishing industry? NPR reports that like many other fields, book publishing has been upended. Publishers pushed back release dates, book events were put on hold, and many bookstores closed their doors for good. This hour, we talk about the state of the industry with the experts. Our guests:

  • Carlo DeVito, author and longtime publishing industry executive
  • Alison Meyers, executive director of Writers & Books
  • Kristi Gibson, owner of Magpie Bookshop

Then in our second hour, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Cuomo administration intentionally covered up data on nursing home deaths during the first several months of the pandemic last year. The administration has adjusted its figures to show many more nursing home deaths than originally reported; the cover-up happened at a time when Governor Cuomo was writing his book on pandemic leadership. Our guests discuss what we've learned, and what real reform might look like in the nursing home industry. Our guests:

  • Jimmy Vielkind, Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Laurie Kash, advocate for nursing home reform

Note: We invited numerous nursing home executives and representatives, but all declined.