Coming up on Connections: Monday, June 29

Jun 29, 2020

Credit St. John Fisher College

First hour: Local college presidents discuss their reopening plans for the fall

Second hour: Does de-escalation training work?

A number of area colleges and universities have announced they plan to reopen in the fall. Their plans come with modifications to the academic calendar, online courses, and policies that address physical distancing and safety guidelines. Meanwhile, students, faculty, and parents have questions and concerns about what to anticipate. We talk with the presidents of three local colleges about what they’re expecting for their institutions. Our guests:

  • Deana L. Porterfield, president of Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary
  • Gerard J. Rooney, president of St. John Fisher College
  • Katherine P. Douglas, interim president of Monroe Community College

Then in our second hour, does de-escalation training work? More police departments are engaging in this kind of training, which can help officers defuse volatile situations. It’s also billed as the kind of training that helps officers avoid becoming overheated themselves. So what is de-escalation all about? Our guest is Brendan King, the CEO and founder of the Crisis Consultant Group. His organization trains companies, individuals, and police departments. He joins us for the hour. Our guest:

  • Brendan King, the CEO and founder of the Crisis Consultant Group