Coming up on Connections: Monday, July 6

Jul 6, 2020

Credit freeimages.com/Holger Selover-Stephan

First hour: Local superintendents on possible plans for schools if they reopen in the fall

Second hour: Local bar owners on the state of business during the pandemic

Students and parents across the country are asking whether K-12 schools will reopen in the fall. Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn’t made a decision about New York State yet, but local districts are already planning what classrooms might look like if they get the green light. This hour, we’re joined by three local superintendents who discuss their possible plans and the conversations they are having. Our guests:

  • Casey Kosiorek, superintendent of Hilton Central School District
  • Gene Mancuso, superintendent of Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District
  • Aaron Johnson, superintendent of West Irondequoit Central School District

Then in our second hour, last week during a Senate Committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci told committee members that going to bars is “bad news.” With coronavirus cases rising in many parts of the nation, Fauci and other public health officials are warning against congregating inside spaces, especially in bars. This hour, we talk with local bar owners about the state of business during the pandemic, the measures they have been taking to keep business going, and if there’s another shut down, what kind of support they’d like to see from government. Our guests:

  • Evvy Fanning, owner of Cheshire
  • Marc Taranto, owner of The Old Stone Tavern
  • Rachel McKibbens, co-owner of The Spirit Room