Coming up on Connections: Monday, July 23

Jul 20, 2018

Credit www.rochesterpuertoricanparade.com

First hour: Local Puerto Ricans discuss cultural pride, politics, and more

Second hour: Exploring the intersection of art, technology, and social justice

Rochester is gearing up for the Puerto Rican Parade and Puerto Rican Festival. We’ll discuss those events, along with issues pertaining to the Puerto Rican community, both here and across the country. Our guests share their thoughts about questions related to statehood and independence, recovery efforts on the island, and issues related to discrimination and racism on the mainland.  In studio:

  • Paul Figueroa Lippert, liaison with the Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño
  • Santos Cruz, technology chair for the Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester
  • Annette Ramos, founder and executive director of the Rochester Latino Theatre Company, community engagement liaison for Geva Theatre Center, and member of the Diversity Community of the Arts Council

Then in our second hour, local students are teaming up with nationally-recognized artists to learn how to use art and technology to convey messages about social justice and self-identity. It’s a partnership between the George Eastman Museum and the Out Alliance. We’ll hear from students in the program about what it means to use social media to express themselves, and how digital tools can make a difference in shaping causes they care about. In studio:

  • Nate Larson, artist with Larson Shindelman
  • Marni Shindelman, artist with Larson Shindelman
  • Reese Simons, recent graduate of Victor Senior High School
  • Hannah Sarnov, rising senior at Hilton High School