Coming up on Connections: Monday, January 13

Jan 13, 2020

Credit Jacob Walsh / CITY Newspaper

First hour: Can New York State support high-speed rail service?

Second hour: The cast of "This Old House" celebrates 40 seasons and discusses home improvement trends

CITY Newspaper editor David Andreatta’s recent op-ed, “New York’s high-speed rail fail,” has reignited the local debate over high-speed rail in the state. Last week during his State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his proposal to develop a strategy to build high-speed rail in New York. The plan will include a panel of outside experts that will re-examine previous designs for the Empire Corridor. Cuomo has argued that high-speed rail service can transform economies. In his piece, Andreatta asks if the state can support it. He points to academic studies that show mixed results, and a lack of foot traffic at Rochester’s train station, which can’t support a coffee shop or other retail options. But local urbanists are pushing back, saying the issue is more nuanced and the region has the potential to transform mass transit. Our guests debate the future of high-speed rail in New York. In studio:

  • David Andreatta, editor of CITY Newspaper
  • Arian Horbovetz, creator of the Urban Phoenix blog
  • Tess Padmore, president of Wolf Clan LLC

Then in our second hour, the team from “This Old House” is coming to Rochester. The show is celebrating its 40th season with a special event at the Hochstein School Monday night. We talk to host Kevin O’Connor and carpenter Nathan Gilbert about the show’s success, trends in the home improvement industry, and more. Then, we sit down with local contractors and architects who answer our questions and yours. Our guests:

  • Kevin O’Connor, host of "This Old House" and "Ask This Old House TV"
  • Nathan Gilbert, carpenter on "Ask This Old House TV"
  • Adam Frank, owner of A. Frank & Co LLC
  • Christopher Brandt, architect with Bero Architecture PLLC