Coming up on Connections: Monday, February 18

Feb 15, 2019

First hour: How to engage in dialogue with the opposition

Second hour: "Her Voice Carries"

We bring you special re-broadcasts on this President's Day.

In our first hour, after surveying the events of recent weeks and the dialogue surrounding those events, local broadcaster Scott Fitzgerald wrote, "I’m surprised at how some of my progressive friends have suppressed the opposition on threads. Subject matter aside, if you ever want the progressive movement to gain mainstream traction, please engage in dialogue with the opposition." At Connections, we've received a number of emails from listeners who want us to hear this out further, so we do so. Our guests:

  • Scott Fitzgerald, owner of Roc Vox recording and production
  • Colin Coffey, small business owner

Then in our second hour, "Her Voice Carries" is an art project led by Sarah C. Rutherford and features the unique stories of five women who are working and living in varying communities in Rochester. Each woman is photographed, interviewed, drawn, and painted. The project culminates in a final series of murals located throughout the five sections of the city, with the goal of creating a network of murals that weave a collective story. We hear from some of the women featured in the project. The conversation comes in advance of the premiere of the “Her Voice Carries” documentary, airing on WXXI-TV on March 1. Our guests:

  • Sarah C. Rutherford, muralist
  • Imani Olear, founder of Yoga For A Good Cause, and pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church who is featured in a mural in the Center City
  • Safi Osman, founding member of Refugees Helping Refugees who is featured in a mural in the Southwest Quadrant
  • Maribel Hernandez, painting assistant for Her Voice Carries