Coming up on Connections: Monday, February 17

Feb 14, 2020

First hour: Debating the value of newspaper endorsements

Second hour: Humankind special - "Ida B. Wells' Battle to Uncover the Truth"

The New York Times took some heat for its recent presidential endorsement process. Critics say it played out like an online reality show; others argued that the endorsement was puffed up into an inflated sense of self-importance. The Times responded that its editorial board wanted to take the process seriously, and with transparency. We ask our guests how they’ve come to view newspaper endorsements, and whether they choose to offer them. In studio:

  • David Andreatta, editor of CITY Newspaper
  • Michael Kilian, executive editor for the Democrat and Chronicle

Then in our second hour, a Humankind special: "Ida B. Wells' Battle to Uncover the Truth." Born into slavery, Ida B. Wells became a ground-breaking investigative reporter exposing the domestic terrorism practiced by white supremacists. This new Humankind special tells the true story of a fearless journalist, whose life was threatened while she revealed the truth – and of the broader events she investigated. Her efforts are finally gaining recognition.