Coming up on Connections: Monday, February 11

Feb 11, 2019

First hour: Former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson on how to approach racist actions

Second hour: Discussing Ashkenazi Jewish food with the authors of the "The Gefilte Manifesto"

When a local broadcaster made racist remarks about former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson, the mayor never called for that broadcaster to be fired. He thought it was more important to find out if someone is capable of growth, of learning, of understanding. Today we sit down with Johnson to discuss his views on recent events, from Rochester to his native Virginia. Johnson will discuss how he believes we should approach the revelations of racist actions or statements.

Then in our second hour, we talk to the co-founders of the Gefilteria in Brooklyn. They are also the co-authors of "The Gefilte Manifesto" -- a narrative cookbook with new approaches and recipes for Old World Jewish foods. We sit down with them to discuss their work, their views on how to revitalize aspects of food culture, and a presentation they will give at the University of Rochester. In studio:

  • Liz Alpern, co-founder of the Gefilteria and co-author of “The Gefilte Manifesto"
  • Jeffrey Yoskowitz, co-founder of the Gefilteria and co-author of “The Gefilte Manifesto"
  • Nora Rubel, Jane and Alan Batkin Professor of Jewish Studies, and chair of the Department of Religion and Classics at the University of Rochester