Coming up on Connections: Monday, August 3

Aug 2, 2020

Credit freeimages.com/Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

First hour: Exploring the future of working from home, post-pandemic

Second hour: Special rebroadcast - Discussing food culture during the pandemic

The CEO of Nationwide Insurance says the company is moving to a permanent work-from-home model. Nationwide found that since March, when everyone went home to work, things have gone so well that they don’t need to open their five regional offices. It’s a permanent change. The CEO told NPR that people are thanking him in droves; he says it’s the right decision, it’s cheaper for the company, and it’s more efficient for the workers. Is that the future for more companies? Post-pandemic, how many employers and employees expect to go to this kind of model? And how many workers would choose it? We talk to employees about what they’ve learned working from home since March, and what lessons they’ll take, post-pandemic. Our guests:

  • Amorette Miller, co-owner of ShiftDiff.com, and workers’ rights advocate
  • Kristen Seversky, product owner at Paychex
  • Stephanie Woodward, attorney with Disability Details
  • Jackie McGriff, program assistant in the Office of Alumni Relations at the University of Rochester
  • Ian Kleckner, scientist at the University of Rochester Medical Center

Then in our second hour, in May, the Atlantic Monthly boldly proclaimed, "Foodie culture as we know it is over." The pandemic is "no time for snobbery," the magazine asserted, perhaps missing the entire point of so-called foodie culture in the first place. In this special rebroadcast, we discuss with local chefs what we’re learning about ourselves during the pandemic as it pertains to cooking, dining, food, and our expectations. Our guests debate it, and they offer their own recipes for dishes you can probably cook at home. Our guests:

  • Andrew Bush, head chef at Union Tavern
  • Candace Doell, executive chef for Owl House Catering, aka the "Soup Queen"
  • Sean Wolf, executive chef at Big Tree Inn in Geneseo
  • Scott Riesenberger, executive chef at The Lake House in Canandaigua