Coming up on Connections: Monday, August 20

Aug 20, 2018

Credit Seneca Park Zoo Society

First hour: Discussing toxic masculinity and football culture

Second hour: The Seneca Park Zoo Society's Environmental Innovation Awards

Following the death of University of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair, several current players and people close to the football program are speaking out about what they describe as a toxic coaching culture led by head coach DJ Durkin. They say Durkin runs a program based on fear and intimidation, humiliation, and verbal abuse meant to mock their masculinity. This hour, we discuss football culture, toxic masculinity, and how to create healthy environments. Our guests:

  • Andre Fontenette, 2004 Syracuse University graduate and former SU wide receiver
  • Derek DeSol, former St. John Fisher College football player
  • Mark Primus, clinical assistant professor of social work at Nazareth College
  • Roland Williams, Super Bowl champion and founder of the Champion Academy

Then in our second hour, the Seneca Park Zoo Society is honoring organizations and community members for their conservation and environmental efforts. The Zoo will host its inaugural Environmental Innovation Awards & Symposium in October. We’ll get a preview of that event, and we’ll discuss how leaders in our community are finding innovative solutions to environmental problems – from zero waste practices to green technology and more. Our guests:

  • Pamela Reed Sanchez, president and CEO of the Seneca Park Zoo Society
  • Bill Browning, founding partner of Terrapin Bright Green