Coming up on Connections: Monday, April 5

Apr 5, 2021

Credit Glogau Photography

First hour: Diane Rehm on medical aid in dying

Second hour: Urbanists share their 2021 wish list

We sit down with iconic former WAMU host, Diane Rehm. She has a new film airing on PBS stations this month called "When My Time Comes." It's about end-of-life options for people with terminal illnesses. It comes from a personal perspective: Rehm's husband of 54 years died of Parkinson’s disease in 2014. He was denied the option of medical aid in dying in their home state of Maryland. Since his death, Rehm has been at the forefront of activism on the issue. We talk with her about the state of physician-assisted dying in the U.S. Our guest:

  • Diane Rehm, radio host, author, and right-to-die activist

Then in our second hour, local urbanists share their 2021 wish list. What laws or rules or regulations could change to allow for more community building? Outdoor interaction remains the safest way to get together, but urbanists say that some regulations make that more difficult. Some municipalities ban front-yard patios, for example, forcing interactions into backyards and fenced areas. Our guests make their case:

  • Jason Partyka, bus innovator at Reconnect Rochester
  • Molly Gaudioso, senior community planner at Barton & Loguidice
  • Brendan Ryan, board member for Reconnect Rochester