Coming Up on Connections: July 14, 2014

Jul 14, 2016

12 p.m.: Do the Buffalo Bills need a new stadium?

1 p.m.: Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli

In the first hour, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has once again raised the issue of the a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Goodell recently called it a "need." But Bills' ownership has pushed back a bit, saying they'll make decisions on their own timeline, not the league's. What if the league wants to move the team, without a revenue-machine stadium? What if the league pushes the Bills to ask taxpayers to foot the bill? Recent sports stadiums have run tabs past a billion dollars. We'll discuss the costs and benefits, while looking at the team's options, with our panel.

In the second hour, Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli joins us in studio to discuss the events of the past week, and his view of the relationship between police and the community. Chief Ciminelli will discuss the demonstrations, tactics, and more.