Coming up on Connections: Friday, October 23

Oct 23, 2020

First hour: Candidates for Monroe County Court Judge

Second hour: Understanding the latest in breast cancer screening, research, and treatment

We talk with the two candidates for Monroe County Court Judge. Democrat Meredith Vacca and Republican Derek Harnsberger are both assistant district attorneys. They discuss why they're seeking the judgeship and explain their work on the bench. Our guests:

  • Meredith Vacca
  • Derek Harnsberger

Then in our second hour, we discuss the latest in breast cancer screening, research, and treatment. Local doctors say there are misconceptions and confusion about who should be screened and when. They help us understand the guidelines, the role of breast density and genetics in diagnosis, and more. We also hear from a breast cancer patient who shares her story. Our guests:

  • Avice O’Connell, M.D., director of women’s imaging and professor in the Department of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Carla Falkson, M.D., medical director of Pluta Cancer Center, and professor of oncology at the Wilmot Cancer Institute
  • Carol Lustig, RN, assistant clinical director of the Hereditary Cancer Program at Wilmot Cancer Institute
  • Steph Tubman, breast cancer patient, and member of the Young Survival Coalition