Coming up on Connections: Friday, November 8

Nov 8, 2019

Credit https://greensparksolar.com/about-greenspark/

First hour: How to have productive conversations about the climate crisis

Second hour: Local female veterans discuss the challenges they face

The CEO of a local green energy company says he’s discouraged that the discussion surrounding climate change and climate action have become about politics and morality. Kevin Schulte is the CEO of GreenSpark Solar, a residential and commercial solar energy company based in Rochester. In a recent op-ed, Schulte argues that the divisive discourse “is a bigger threat to our society than the climate crisis. To truly slow the earth from baking, we need every person to engage.” Schulte joins us to discuss his ideas for generating productive, inclusive conversations about climate change. We also hear from local climate activists. In studio:

  • Kevin Schulte, CEO of GreenSpark Solar
  • Larry Torcello, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at RIT
  • Sue Hughes-Smith, member of the leadership team for the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition
  • Ben Frevert, partner at Roctricity

Then in our second hour, when service members leave active duty for civilian life, they may face challenges. Female veterans report that they have specific hurdles that are hard to overcome — including a lack of social support. We sit down with several female veterans who share their stories, and a new project they worked on called Eyes Front. It’s a photography and writing collaboration where they’ve documented their experiences. We talk to them about what they want the community to know. In studio:

  • Jennifer Wiese, veteran, social worker at the Rochester Vet Center, and participant in the Eyes Front program
  • Jade Starr, veteran and participant in the Eyes Front program
  • Megan Charland, director of photography and digital arts at Flower City Arts Center