Coming up on Connections: Friday, November 20

Nov 20, 2020

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First hour: The debate over wiping out student loan debt

Second hour: Discussing the state of transgender rights in 2020

The incoming Biden administration is considering an executive order that could wipe out a significant amount of student loan debt. Our guests will discuss their perspectives on how such a move would impact Americans. Our guests:

  • Carlton Galbreath, professor and director of the Business Management Program at Missoula College
  • Rynn Reed, local political activist

Then in our second hour, today marks the 2020 Transgender Day of Remembrance, and we're joined by transgender lawmakers and activists to discuss the state of trans rights. The ACLU reports that "in 2020, a record number of anti-trans bills are making their way through state legislatures." Our guests discuss what has changed in recent years, and the role they think lawmakers and citizens have in helping to create a more equitable society. Our guests:

  • Danica Roem, delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates, who was the first openly transgender state legislator to be seated in U.S. history
  • Jess Whitehouse, activist, and community ASL interpreter
  • Shauna O'Toole, former candidate for NYS Senate