Coming up on Connections: Friday, May 22

May 22, 2020

First hour: Guidance for employers preparing to reopen their facilities

Second hour: How has the pandemic impacted bed and breakfasts?

As the regional continues its Phase 1 reopening process, what do employers need to do to prepare their workplaces and their staffs? We’re joined by two local labor attorneys who share guidance regarding reopening facilities: how to ensure employees’ safety; how to stay compliant with state and federal regulations; and how to adapt to the pandemic. Our guests answer our questions and yours:

  • Dan Moore, partner at Harris Beach, and leader of the Harris Beach Labor and Employment Practice Group
  • Matt Emens, vice president of HB Cornerstone

We continue our series of conversations about the impact the pandemic has had on businesses. Bed and breakfasts owners are working to adapt to the current situation, while also preparing for the months ahead. This hour, we talk with innkeepers in different parts of our area about how the pandemic has affected their businesses, and how they think the industry could change in the longer term. Our guests:

  • Richard Trayford, co-owner of Letchworth Farm Bed and Breakfast
  • Susan Alvarez, co-owner of the Edward Harris House Bed and Breakfast
  • Rosemary Janofsky, innkeeper and proprietor of the Ellwanger Estate
  • Robert St. John, innkeeper at Sutherland House Bed and Breakfast