Coming up on Connections: Friday, March 20

Mar 20, 2020

First hour: NPR’s coverage of a COVID-19 update from the White House

Second hour: Author Linda Sue Park on her new book, "Prairie Lotus"

The first hour of Connections is preempted, as WXXI News brings you NPR’s coverage of a COVID-19 update from the White House.

Then in our second hour, author Linda Sue Park’s new novel, “Prairie Lotus,” tells the story of a half-Chinese girl and her white father as they make a home in Dakota Territory in 1880. In the story, Hanna and her father face racial prejudice as they try to adapt to their new surroundings. The book was released earlier this month to critical acclaim; some critics compare the historical fiction to “Little House on the Prairie.” Park won the Newbery Medal in 2002, becoming the first Korean American author to do so. She joins us this hour to talk about “Prairie Lotus,” its themes, and trends in children’s literature today. Our guest:

  • Linda Sue Park, author of “Prairie Lotus”