Coming up on Connections: Friday, July 5

Jul 5, 2019

First hour: "Let's Be Frank: TBTL Salutes The Great American Hot Dog"

Second hour: Special rebroadcast - Discussing the Finger Lakes' place in the wine world

We bring you special programming on this long holiday weekend. Join hosts Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh over a sizzling grill as they celebrate one of America's most beloved and most ridiculed foods: The Hot Dog. The Splendid Table's Francis Lam joins them to explain his own personal love affair with the tubular steak, plus Luke and Andrew head to a minor league ballpark to see if they'd make good hot dog vendors. They also try to hunt down the best veggie alternative to the hot dog, and dip into the heated debate over proper (and improper) hot dog condiments. 

Then in our second hour, a special Connections rebroadcast about the Finger Lakes' place in the wine world. Up until this year, one of the biggest conferences on wine in the world was held on the west coast, but now, it’s moving to the Finger Lakes. Our guests preview the first-ever FLXcursion:

  • Oskar Bynke, co-chair of FLXcursion and co-owner of Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard
  • Kelby Russell, co-chair of FLXcursion and winemaker for Red Newt Cellars and Empire Estate
  • Dustin Wilson, master sommelier based in New York City